Drawing_101. Brush set for procreate.

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Drawing_101 is designed to help beginners and professionals to connect with the fun of drawing !

This set contains:

  • A total of 58 procreate brushes divided in:

– 7 Sketcher Brushes, inspired by pencils and other drawing tools. Perfect for throwing loose lines and start drawing right away.

– 14 Inker  Brushes, inspired by drawings from european or american comics, Storybook illustration and Manga style drawings. These brushes can help you find your linework style, and clean up the mess you’ve made in the sketch phase. 

– 26 Filler Brushes, inspired by different drawing technics and tools.With them you can enhance your linework with some pretty colors, volume and texture. 

– 7 Experimental Brushes (the funny ones) are made for you to have fun with them and play around with them, adding some effects and textures to your art.

– 4 Eraser Brushes, ‘cause you know, an eraser isn’t just a way to fix mistakes.They are artistic tools! Use them wisely!

FREE updates! You’ll get fot free any future updates with more brushes or tools to this set.



  1. The classification of the brushes is just a way to help you navegate them and understand them. If you feel you wanna use them in different ways PLEASE do it. 
  2. I put a lot of love and effort in making these brushes so, if you post your drawings online, put #meteoroworkshop or even tag me ‘cause I really want to see what you come up with. [ @meteoro_workshop on instagram]
  3. Thanks a lot!
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  5. Disclaimer: This set is only guaranteed to be fully compatible with Procreate 5 and above, please make sure that you have the correct version before purchasing.
  6. The paper textures shown in the promotional images are not included in the set.

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A pack of 58 brushes for procreate
+ 7 ballpoint Brushes
288 MB
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Drawing_101. Brush set for procreate.

10 ratings
I want this!